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Захранващ блок Zalman ZM600-LX 600W

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  • Мощност: 600 W
  • Размер на вентилатора: 120 мм
  • 80 + Ефекивност: ДА
  • Active PFC: ДА
  • Конектори: Дънна платка: 24 pin х 1
  • Производител: Zalman
  • OEM код: ZM600-LX
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Инфо за Захранващ блок 600W APFC ZM600-LX

Dual forward Converter Circuit designed for High efficiency & reliability
The energy efficient Green IC circuitry consumes much less standby power (less than 1W) compared to other PSU`s without this feature.
The latest PSU design standard is incorporated for compatibility with a wide range of CPUs, motherboards, and graphic cards.
Dual independent +12V outputs provide a stable power supply to major PC components.
ATX20+4 Pin Main Connector broadens the range of motherboard compatibility.
Two ATX12V CPU 2x2 (4-Pin) power cables can be combined to form an EPS12V CPU 8-Pin power cable.
Ultra quiet 120mm Sleeve Bearing fan increases airflow while minimizing noise for a superbly quiet computing environment.
Heavy-duty protection circuitry of OVP, UVP, OPP and SCP.
Output Power Cable Specifications
500mm+150mm 500mm 500mm 450mm+150mm+150mm 400mm+150mm+150mm 400mm+150mm+150mm+150mm
1) Revised Date: starts applying from the products manufactured on December 2012.
2) Ways to check revised products (Ways to check serial number)
- ZM500-LE : 20361CC 700001
- products with serial cc and d(D1, D2, D3)
- CC indicates December 2012, D indicates 2013.
Electrical & Physical Characteristics
AC Input Range Voltage 220VAC or 230VAC Vout Output Load Rating Combined
Frequency 47 ~ 63Hz Imin Imax Ipeak
AC Input Current
220VAC 4.5A +3.3V 0.1A 18A   120W 500W
230VAC +5V 0.2A 15A  
PFC Type None PFC +12V1 0.1A 20A   444W
Power Factor Max 50% +12V2 0.5A 20A 22A
Inrush Current Limit
(@ Cold start at 25°C)
220VAC Max 100A -12V 0.0A 0.3A   3.6W
230VAC +5VSB 0.0A 2.0A 3.0A 10W
Efficiency Max 81% @ 230VAC Ambient Temperature
DC Output
Voltage Regulations
Vout Regulation Range At Full
Operation 0 ~ 40°C
+3.3VDC ±5% +3.14 ~ +3.47V Storage -40 ~ 70°C
+5VDC ±5% +4.75 ~ +5.25V Ambient Humidity
+12V1DC ±5% +11.4 ~ +12.6V Operation 5% ~ 85%RH
+12V2DC ±5% +11.4 ~ +12.6V Storage 5% ~ 95%RH
-12VDC ±10% -10.8 ~ -13.0V Protection Features
+5VSB ±5% +4.75 ~ +5.25V Over Voltage Protection(OVP)
DC Output
Ripple & Noise
Vout Standard Range At Full
Under Voltage Protection(UVP)
+3.3VDC 50mV Short Circuit Protection(SCP)
+5VDC 50mV Over Power Protection(OPP)
+12V1DC 120mV Dimensions
+12V2DC 120mV 140(L) x 150(W) x 86(H) mm
-12VDC 120mV Weight
+5VSB 50mV 1.8kg (Full Package)

Характеристики на Захранващ блок Zalman ZM600-LX 600W

Мощност600 W
Размер на вентилатора120 мм
80 + ЕфекивностДА
Active PFCДА
КонекториДънна платка: 24 pin х 1Процесор: 4 + 4 pin х 1Видео карта: 6 + 2 pin x 2Периферия: Sata х 6 / Molex х 3 / Floppy х 1
Гаранция2 години

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Захранващ блок Zalman ZM600-LX 600W Захранващ блок Zalman ZM600-LX 600W
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